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Welcome to the ViA Card group of companies and our webportals.  

ViA stands for ViA Instant Access which is the result of a determined effort to solve a global problem: how to make the eSociety more secure and how to empower the paradigm shift to handle future values - secure, instant and affordable for everyone and finaly give the unbankeble a modern payment method. xx

New revenue streams for small shops and new merchants.

You can soon find the new ViA websites live, based on the new structure with its main operation in Thailand. The new websites are:
www.ViACard.co.thbut you can also visit www.viacard.com or www.paymentsolution2008.com or www.e-pay.co.th

Follow the countdown to the softlaunch, visit ViA Returns.

The next chapter of ViA. . . in a better way!

read more about ViA...

ViA Can Handle:
Card, Internet & Mobile payments anywhere,
any time
Micro Transactions
Complementary Currencies
Micro Credits & Trust Capital
Charity Disbursements & Reporting
Loyalty Program & PlusCount Transactions
POS transactions, cashier and ledger services
eMeal and Canteen services
Remittances – are a SWIFT member
Top-Ups and Bill payments

Online Ledger solutions will be launched later

Value Added Services for POS terminals

ViA creates unity, confidence, comfort and security for a better e-future

ViA levels the playing field and creates a healthy eSociety!

Kindly note, that the content on this website is what was presented and also reflected the operation based in Dubai between 2005-2010.

ViA Merchant detail
Free Point-of-Sale Terminal
Free Business Account
Instant Payments at Low Cost
ViA corporate detail
Online Transactions with No Middlemen
100% End-to-End Security
Secure Transactions for All Consumers
ViA consumer detail
Card and Account
Direct Salary Payment
Free Payments
ViA government detail

Handle payments of any value, anywhere, anytime, with peace-of-mind security by STS - Secure Transaction String and SCT - Secure Card Transaction.

ViA a better way
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